Friday, June 15, 2012

Academic achievement at school or university is only true measure of a person’s intelligence. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Academic excellence for intelligence 

Today when more and more and people are investing their financial resources and efforts to accumulate higher educational qualifications, a debate simultaneously rages across as to what can be taken as a true parameter to gauge an individual’s capabilities. Some definitely lean for academic feats while others feel natural instincts and experience gained over years has more impact on a person’s intelligence.

In last century there have been more venues established to impart higher education wirth people expressing strong intentions to achieve higher qualifications on grounds of their aspirations of gaining respect as being smarter and intellectual. For them, a good academic record is passport to improve employment opportunities. As per them, there is no parameter to gauge an individual’s capabilities on basis of natural instincts.

Besides personal and professional factors, as each field becomes more and more specialized, certain fields do need better educational feats. To enter in these professions and practice, one must possess minimum standards of education defined as basic specifications of relevant field for e.g. one cannot become a doctor or an engineer without getting minimum relevant graduation.

On the contrary, some sections firmly believe that intelligence in not at all a factor that has to have a stamp of varsities and degrees. It has been observed in past most prominent of the inventors and innovators had not even completed their formal education and their concepts still hold true and educated lobby actually follows patterns pioneered by them. Most prominent examples are Bill gates and Dhirubhai Ambani.

To conclude in my view there is definitely a link between a person’s mental capabilities and academic credentials, but that is definitely limited to only getting an initial boost and rest depends on an individual’s natural learning powers and abilities to negotiate situations.